segunda-feira, 16 de julho de 2012

Organization XIII - N°XII - Larxene the Savage Nymph

           Larxene is the only member of the Organization that I hate. I mean, I really hate her. Forgive me for my words, but there's no other way to dscribe her - She's a bitch. She loves to meddle in things that does not concern her, and she's ignorant and mean. She spend the whole CoM being mean to Naminé, laughing at her, and the whole 358/2 Days calling Roxas a useless trash whenever they went on missions toghether and laughing at Demyx because of his calmness and non-violence. He actually gets happy when she dies, he says he's relieved he can play his sitar in peace again. Also, everytime she meets with Sora she is mean to him, and laughs of his confused memories. she tells him that "more pain to you means more fun to me".
            She has the lighting element, and uses eight knives. She meets her well-deserved end when she goes to kill Sora, after she finds out that Axel's betrayed her, but Sora kicks her ass big-time, and she dies, to everyone's happiness (mine included). She's the only woman in the Organization, aside from Xion. The only cool thing about her are her weapons.

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