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Kingdom Hearts Start Menus + Musics

           All the start menus in the Kingdom Hearts series have amazing designs, and each of them have, as a soundtrack, different versions of the same music, Dearly Beloved, composed by the genius Yoko Shimonura (Really, all of the versions of this music are freakin' awesome. Yoko is a total genius!!!). I'll post here the starting menu designs plus the respective Dearly Beloved music video link on Youtube (it was surprisingly hard to find pics of the starting menus... took me a hell of a time to find them all, and some I had to take prints from youtube videos... anyway, now they're all here). Enjoy minna~~

I - Kingdom Hearts I


   II - Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories.


   III - Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories.


    IV - Kingdom Hearts Reverse Rebirth.


            V - Kingdom Hearts II.


    VI - Kingdom Hearts Final Mix


       VII - Kingdom Hearts Re: Coded.


       VIII - Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep.


       IX - Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

               This is my personal favourite. The music, I mean, it's the most awesome and incredible version of Dearly Beloved so far...



       X - Kingdom Hearts 3D - Dream Drop Distance.


     XI - Kingdom Hearts III.


        As Kingdom Hearts 3 was not yet released, this menu is just a artwork, but I think it is pretty good, and put it here...

        Here's also some Fan made menus... I don't know if The first ir real, if there's gonna be a game "Kingdom Hearts - The Keyblade War", but that would be awesome...
        And the second is a also fan made alternative menu to "358/2 Days" it's also really cool.

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