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Kingdom Hearts Google Doc.

                 Found this the other day... It's a Google Doc. that resumes the whole Kingdom Hearts Story, of all games, really superficially, of course, using only short phrases and figures, but it's funny and helps understanding the complicated points... Enjoy minna ~~

Sora FanArt

Awesome Wallpaper

  ~~ Click to enlarge ~~

Riku FanArt

Final Fantasy in Kingdom Hearts

             Final Fantasy X and X-2 ~~> Auron (underworld), Rikku, Yuna and Paine (Hollow Bastion)

         Final Fantasy VIII:  Fuujin, Seifer, Raijin (Twilight Town)

Final Fantasy VII: Tifa and Serphiroth (Hollow Bastion, Sephiroth also in Olimpus Coliseum)

            Final Fantasy VI: Setzer (Twilight Town - Struggle)

                 Final Fantasy IX - Vivi (Twilight Town)

Final Fantasy X (Wakka, Tidus - Destiny Islands), FF VIII (Selphie - Destiny Islands, Squall - Traverse Town/Hollow Bastion), FF VII (Cloud - Olimpus Coliseum/ Hollow Bastion, Aerith, Yuffie, Cid - Traverse Town/Hollow Bastion)

Final fantasy VII Zack - Olimpus Coliseum, in BBS

                 I Think these are all FF characters in KH...

Final Fantasy VII: Main Characters

Vincent Valentine - One of the Turks, a organization commanded by Shinra

Cait Sith - a Puppet, controlled by Reeve, the head of  Shinra Eletric Power Company

Red XIII (Nanaki) - he used to be an experiment of Professor Hojo, but escaped, and fought alongside Cloud and the others

Tifa Lockhart - Cloud's childhood friend,  a member of the AVALANCHE
Yuffie Kirasagi - a Ninja and Thief, wants to save her hometown. she Steals Materia from Clouid's party in the game, but later helps them.

Aerith Gainsborough - the last of a powerful race, the Cetra. She is hunted by Shinra, who seeks to use her power. Killed by Sephiroth, Cloud buries her in a sacred lake. But, even dead, her spirit helps her friends through the games.
Cid Highwind - regular Cid. Has a spaceship, and helps the party, even becoming a leader temporarily

Cloud Strife - a mercenary in service of AVALANCHE.  He always wanted to be a SOLDIER, but didn't make it, altough he tells people he's a ex-SOLDIER.
Zack Fair - a first class SOLDIER, Cloud's friend and Aerith's boyfriend. Died  to protect Cloud from Shinra army while Cloud was not able to fight, and gave him his sword
Barret Wallace - Leader of AVALANCHE, has a adopted daughter, Marlene, who appears in Advent Children.

Sephiroth - the most famous first class SOLDIER, considered a hero by everyone. He turned mad, whe found out that his "mother", Jenova, was a calamity that tried to destry the planet, and took the goal to himself. He is said to represent the complementary opposite of Cloud, and is defeated by him twice. He kills Aerith, because she, as a Cetra, she could interfere with his plans.


Same name Characters - Terra/ Terra

                 In Final Fantasy VI and in Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep there are characters named Terra ~>

First: Final Fantasy VI's Terra.
                   Terra is the first female protagonist in Final Fantasy. She was born in the land of Espers, and soon after she was born, they were invaded, her father captured, her mother dead, and she was taken into custody by the Gesthalian Empire. She was raised to be a weapon, and Kefka, the emperor, made her use a Slave Crown, to force her to obey him.
                   In a mission to Espers, trouble happens, and Terra ends up unconscious and with amnesia. Kefka goes after her and her rescuers, but they escape. They find a group of resistance, and Terra joins it. The Empire attacks Esper, and the defensors, Terra included, wins. but the magic of Esper makes her turn into a Esper herself, and she flies away.
                   She is reunited with her father, and so recovers her memory and the ability to control her transformation. A war happens, and she acts as a messenger between the Espers and the humans. In the end, they seemed to have won, but Kefka kills all the Espers there, and Leo. A year later, in the final battle, she turns into a Esper and helps the party. Her Esper part dies, but she is allowed to live on as a human.
            (Right ~~> Human Terra; Left ~~> Esper Terra)

              She can also appear with green hair:

                Second, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep's Terra:
                              Terra is one of the apprentices of Eraqus, along with Aqua and Ventus. At the start of the game, he took a test alongside Aqua to turn in to keyblade master, but only she achieved it. He is very simmilar to Riku, as later in the game he is influencced by master Xehanort, and lets the darkness controls him, betraying his friends, and even helping to steal Sleeping beauty's heart. In one of his travels, he meets with Riku in destiny islands. He ends up killing his master while controlled by Xehanort. In the end, in the final battle, he is possesed by the evil master, and his hair turns to white. His new appearance is very similar to Xemnas and Ansem, KH I and II bosses, since they are originated from him. Terra is about to fall into the darkness, but Aqua helps him, and he fights back, Aqua falling insted. As a result, he loses his memory, and ends up at radiand Gardens, where he becomes the real Ansem's apprentice, and meets with some of the ones that will become nobodies at the organization later, like Zexion and Vexen.
                  Right: Terra with his armor. Left: without it. Below, possessed by Xehanort.

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Same name characters - Riku/Rikku

                  Just a random thing...            
                  There are two names that appear both in Kingdom Hearts and in Final Fantasy, but they are different people. The first is Terra, and the second is Riku. Well, not the SAME, because FF Rikku is with tho "k"s, and KH's Riku, just one, but they are pronounced the same... That has really confused a friend of mine, who had played FF VI and knew Terra, but then I told him about KH Birth by Sleep, and he got really confused... Anyway, here they are ~~>

                  First, Final Fantasy's Rikku
                          She's from FF X (right pic) and X-2 (left pic). Riku is an Al-Bhed, and Yuna's cousin (Her dad, this game's Cid, is Yuna's uncle). Rikku can be very cute, but she's also kind of annoying. She's always cheerful and smiling. Being an Al-Bhed, she has some unique abilities with handling machines and mixing things like potions to produce greater effect. She has little efficience in phisical attacks, especially in FFX, but her grenades and other abilities can be really helpful. Also, she can use Al-Bhed potions, which cure all status abnormalities plus cures the whole party at once, so she's good in a battle.

            Second, Kingdom Hearts's Riku:
                       The first two pics are him in KH II, the thirs is in KH I and CoM, and the fourth is him at the ending of KH I, and also how his clone looks like.
                       Riku is Sora's and Kairi's childhood friend, and Sora's best friend. His heart was taken by darknes in the start of KH I and he destroyed the Destiny Islands, betraying Sora and helping Maleficent, in order to save Kairi. He was being possessed by Xehanort's heartless, and fought Sora at the end of KH I, in Hollow Bastion, even taking the keyblade to himself. When he realized he was being used by his own darkness, he helped Sora and the King to seal Kingdom Hearts at the final clip. In CoM, he fought his way through Castle Oblivion, confronting Xehanort's heartless, who tried to take over his heart, but did not succeed. Then, he helped Diz to restore Sora's memories, fighting with Roxas. During this fight, he gave in to the darkness in his heart in order to get stronger, and ended up with Xehanort's appearance. He did not want to be seen by anyone, especially Sora, while like that, so he acted in the shadows, helping Sora on his journey. In KH II, in the Land That Never Was, he meets with Kairi, and fights alongside her. She then reveals to Sora that he was Riku. Sora gets really happy, to be reunited with his friends. In KH II's Final battle, is alongside Riku that Sora fights, against Xemnas. Riku is quiet and serious most of the time, and only smiles when he is with his friends.

Machina and Rem

                  They're both from Type-0, and their story is the saddest EVER...
                  For the backgound history of the game, see this post:
                 Needless to say, SPOILERS.

                So, from the beggining, Machina Kunagiri was Rem Tokimiya's best childhood friend, they grew up in the same village, but hadn't seen each other in seven years. They were both students at Suzako Peristylium, in Class Two, but neighther knew of the other's presence. Because of their great skill at magic, they were both transfered to Class Zero, and found out about the other.
               Rem had a serious illness, ever since she was a child, and she knew that she would ocasionally die of it. Rem and Machina have some conversations during the game. In one, the subject is this illness, she has a coughing crisis, and he asks if her illness has gotten worse. She says that she has no idea what he's talking about, and that it's just ashtma. Machina gets frustraded, and asks why she's lying to him, if she does not trust him, but she assures it's not the case.
               In another ocasion, Machina grieves the fact that he was not strong enough to protect the people from the village, and Rem says that they were only child, so there was nothing they could do. She asks Machina if he remembers the time that he vowed to become a strong soldier to protect her, and he says he remembers. Then, she asks, teasing him, if he remembers asking Rem to become his wife. He gets embarassed, and says that he was only a child, and Rem pretends to be offended.
              Some time later, Machina finds out that Class Zero ans the commander were responsible for his brother, Izana's death, and gets really mad. He is offered a chance to leave the class, but denies, and promises on Izana's name that he will become stronger than Class Zero, in order to protect Rem. Class Zero is attacked by Celestia, who thinks that they killed the queen, and takes refuge in a forest. In this refuge, Machina yells at Ace and Queen over his brother's death. Rem stops him from storming off the place, but he insists on leaving to patrol the area, and promises Rem that he will protect her at all costs, before setting off.
              Same as in the refuge, Machina gets the feeling of being observed more than once, and, as time passes, his behavior changes, he starts to spend long spaces of time away, and it worries everyone, especially Rem. It becomes really common for Machina to state that he will protect her.
             After Milites's army is defeated, the two of them have a conversation. Rem says that she joined the academy to take part in Operation Apostle, to defeat Cid, an to become stronger. Machina says he joided for the same reasons, and adds that he has realized that he does not belong to Class Zero, because he hasn't been any help, he was the one who needed help. Rem says that he can count on both her and Class Zero, but he changes the subject, saying once more that he will protect her. Inspite Rem being against it, he leaves the school.
              After he leaves, machina goes to Qun'mi, an I'Cie, and asks her for I'Cie power to protect Rem. She agrees, and gives him the power, along with a mask. Rem is also made a I'Cie of Suzako, to ensure the coming of Agito. They meet, and neighter knows who the other is. Believing that they are enemies, they fight. In the middle of the fight, though, his maks falls off, and Rem realizes who he is. She tries to stop her attack, and is impaled in Machina's rapier. He gets desperate and anguished when he sees that Rem's dying. He cries and apologizes, saying that he only became an I'Cie because he was afraid of losing her and being alone. Rem was about to die anyway from her illness, but says nothing. As she dies, she says to Machina not to forget her. He refuses himself to move, and just stays there, holding Rem's body, and ends up freezing, and Dying as well.
              Just before the final battle with Cid, Class Zero finds their bodies. Machina and Rem speaks to them from the Crystal they're crystalized in, and says that they'll be with them in the fight. Their help is what makes them win. Arecia reviver Rem and Machina, but they arrive in the battle scene just to find out that everyone died while battling Cid. The scene ends with the who of them looking over the remains of Rubrum.
              Years later, Machina is 67, married to Rem, and he writes down the events of the war, to ensure the events and Class Zetro would never be forgotten. He dies soon after, smiling, and the game ends.
             But, there is also a alternative ending, a alternative future created by Arecia, where the war bever happened, and where Class Zero, Machina, Rem and Izana are all alive, having been given a second chance to live.

Machina and Rem as spirits, supporting Class Zero.

Their appearance in the crystal.

Advent Children Cloud **

                      Cloud is my favourite character ever, in all games of all times. I like him because of his way of fighting against his own darkness, and his attitude, kinda self-depreciative, but I like it so much. He's also very powerful once he's motivaded, like in his fight with Sephiroth. He has this super-awesome Sword, that divides itself in various others, and he's really handsome **. His voice, both in English and in Japanese is fantastic, and he is always there for his friends... The scene in which he buries Aerith in the lake is one of the saddest ever...
                       Anyway, here are some pics of him. Except for the fourth, they're all from FF VII - Advent Children. The fourth is form the FF VII game.


Advent Children Characters