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Organization XIII - N°II - Xigbar the Freeshooter

          So, I'm gonna post about the most awesome villains in the Kingdom Hearts series, the Organization XIII. The number one, Xemnas, I'm gonna post last, since he's the final boss and all that stuff... Soo, I'm gonna start with Number two, Xigbar

   Xigbar is pretty fantastic, but he's the biggest pain in the ass in the second KH. Killing him is really hard, because he has some attacks which are really powerful. He uses two guns, and he can shoot both from afar and close. the first time I played, I died so many times in the process of killing him that I almost started to hate him. I certainly cursed him A LOT... Anyway, tough he's freaking hard to kill, he's still pretty badass.
            For a start, he uses a eyepatch, and all vilains with eyepatches are cool. Second, he has a scar, and a evil grin. Third, he is ultra-powerful.
          He also appears in KH 358/2 Days, where he goes in some missions with Roxas, and in KH Birth By Sleep, where he cooperates with Xehanort, as a human still, Braig. In KH2, you'll find him and battle him in the Hall of the Empty Melodies (if my memory is correct), in the World that never was.
         In the battle with him, one tip: when he starts to shoot white arrows that follow you, run in circular motion to avoid being caught, because if you are, you'll certainly die, and at the othe times, try to guard or use reaction commands. It's a good idea to use some specials, like the Valor or Wisdom form, too.

            The first picture is Xigbar in Birth by Sleep, the second is a pic from the game, the third is a artwork and the last is a freakin' awesome Fanart!!

           Hope you like it... Sayonara minna ~~

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