sábado, 28 de julho de 2012

Advent Children Cloud **

                      Cloud is my favourite character ever, in all games of all times. I like him because of his way of fighting against his own darkness, and his attitude, kinda self-depreciative, but I like it so much. He's also very powerful once he's motivaded, like in his fight with Sephiroth. He has this super-awesome Sword, that divides itself in various others, and he's really handsome **. His voice, both in English and in Japanese is fantastic, and he is always there for his friends... The scene in which he buries Aerith in the lake is one of the saddest ever...
                       Anyway, here are some pics of him. Except for the fourth, they're all from FF VII - Advent Children. The fourth is form the FF VII game.


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