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Final Fantasy VII: Main Characters

Vincent Valentine - One of the Turks, a organization commanded by Shinra

Cait Sith - a Puppet, controlled by Reeve, the head of  Shinra Eletric Power Company

Red XIII (Nanaki) - he used to be an experiment of Professor Hojo, but escaped, and fought alongside Cloud and the others

Tifa Lockhart - Cloud's childhood friend,  a member of the AVALANCHE
Yuffie Kirasagi - a Ninja and Thief, wants to save her hometown. she Steals Materia from Clouid's party in the game, but later helps them.

Aerith Gainsborough - the last of a powerful race, the Cetra. She is hunted by Shinra, who seeks to use her power. Killed by Sephiroth, Cloud buries her in a sacred lake. But, even dead, her spirit helps her friends through the games.
Cid Highwind - regular Cid. Has a spaceship, and helps the party, even becoming a leader temporarily

Cloud Strife - a mercenary in service of AVALANCHE.  He always wanted to be a SOLDIER, but didn't make it, altough he tells people he's a ex-SOLDIER.
Zack Fair - a first class SOLDIER, Cloud's friend and Aerith's boyfriend. Died  to protect Cloud from Shinra army while Cloud was not able to fight, and gave him his sword
Barret Wallace - Leader of AVALANCHE, has a adopted daughter, Marlene, who appears in Advent Children.

Sephiroth - the most famous first class SOLDIER, considered a hero by everyone. He turned mad, whe found out that his "mother", Jenova, was a calamity that tried to destry the planet, and took the goal to himself. He is said to represent the complementary opposite of Cloud, and is defeated by him twice. He kills Aerith, because she, as a Cetra, she could interfere with his plans.


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