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Kingdom Hearts II Guide - Part Five - Land of Dragons + Hollow Bastion II

        This first part on the Land of Dragons is also easy. You'll meet Mulan and Mushu, and she'll tell you that she wants to enter the army in order not to disonor her family, just like the movie, of course. You'll go talk to Chang, and he won't want to have Mulan, which is called Ping for now, in the army. You'll try to make him accept her, and for that purpose, you'll have to do four missions, killing heartless. The battles in this world have a particularity: there's a gauge, of the party's morale, that you can't let run off. Every enemy you defeat drops special orbs, to increase the morale, and every time you're hit you lose orbs.
        There are some new heartless, no big deal, but one of them a huge centaurus with a big lancet, can be a little tough, because he gives some strong attacks. You have to wait for the right moment to hit him. Anyway,  on your fourth mission, you'll have to go to the mountain summit, fighting on the way there. You'll reach a little village, and Mushu will say he saw the enemy, Shan Yu, in a cave. You'll go there, hoping to defeat him alone, and by doing so, gain Chang's confiance. But he set you a trap, and you'll have to fight more heartless, only Sora and Ping.

         When you finish, Shan Yu will have burned the village, and injured Chang. You'll have to go after him, and fight a ton of heartless he will summon, in the summit. you have only limited time, so focus on the big ones, who give more exp. Then a long cutscene will follow, when Mulan provokes a avalanche to bury Shan Yu in snow. Mushu will give away Mulan's secret, and Chang will expel them from the army. After, they will see that Shan Yu did not die, and he is going to the imperial city. You go after him, and it's the boss battle.

         You'll have to protect the gates, while defeating Shan Yu. Kill the three heartless he will summon, and then focus on him. keep him away from the gates, and when he start to glow with a purple aura, stay away. use the reaction command whenever you can. It should be a easy battle, and after you finish him, the emperor will thank Mulan for saving him, just like in the movie, and the sword of the defeated enemy will become the key to open the route. You'll also get a new keyblade, Hidden dragon, but it's weak, so I suggest you stick with the regular one, or switch to the Star seeker.

         After that, the ship will move on it's own towards Hollow Bastion. It's no big deal, merlin has found Pooh's storybook and wants you to take a look. I particulary hate Pooh's part, it's really boring and meaningless. You enter the book, but while you are inside, heartless attacks Donald and Goofy. You go out, and they steal the pages, so you'll have to go after them, just like in the first game. A brief battle occurs. Merlin is kinda mad because you didn't wait for him to come back with Squall before you entered the book. you enter again, and find out that pooh has lost his memory. It'll come back to him when you get the pages back, Merlin says. He gives you your first summon: Chicken Little (kinda useless). Now, you're all set, and have to go on to the only available world: The Olimpus Coliseum.

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Kingdom Hearts II Guide - Part Four - Beast's castle I

            The first part at Beast's castle is really simple, the second one is the tricky one. Once you arrive, you'll have to fight some heartless, really easy, and the beast will appear, not seeming to remember you at all. Then, you go talk to Belle, and find out that Beast's been acting weird, and has locked up his servants at the dungeon, and she asks you to release them. You go to the other wing of the castle, and enter in the dungeons, behind the door guarded by the living wardrobe. You'll have to fight a mini-boss, Thresholder, two heartless in the door, but it's easy, just stay out of the range of his punches, kill the heartless he summons, and then hit him, using reaction commands when possible, to petrify him. If you do, he'll twice produce a little purple ball, wich you have to kill to continue. Then, you'll set free the servants, Horloge, Lumiere, madam Samovar and her son, the tea-cup (the same servants from the movie). To get out, you'll use a secret passageway, and will have to solve a little puzzle, to light all the lanterns. they make it sound difficult, but it's not. Then, you'll go to beast's room, and fight him so that he comes back to his senses, using the reaction commands to make Horloge talk to him.

             Once you've beaten him, you'll go back to talk to Belle, but will find out that she has disappeared, going after "a man in a black cloak", the same one you'll have seen talking to Beast back in his room. who apparently wants to turn him into a heartless, so that the organization will have control over his Nobody. You'll have to go to the ballroom, the big green door across the main entrance, and fight the boss.
             Before that, though, you should take advantage of the monsters in there, and level up to, at minmum, level 15. After, just go inside the ballroom, where you'll find the organization member, Xaldin, but he will left, and you'll have to fight the monster he summons.

             This boss is divided in two: the shadow Stalker and the Dark Thorn. To fight the first, the Shadow Stalker, just hit the column and the chandelier when he melts into the, and the use the reaction command "release" to get him out in the open, and hit him. When he melts into the window, run to the place beyond the columns, because he's gonna throw some purple rays which take a lot of life. As for the Dark Thorn, just keep hitting him, even when he is invisible, and try to use the RC to use the chandelier to make hom visible again. But he does have some powerful attaks, so watch out.
             After that, just watch the cutscene, when Belle and Beast make up, and then you can go. A new world has appeared, but go first to The Land of Dragons.
            You should also go out to the courtyard, through the front door, and open the chests there. There are also heartless, (gargoyles and bats).
             Bosses (up to down): The Thresholder, The Dark Thorn, The Shadow Stalker.


Kingdom Hearts II guide - Part Three - Hollow Bastion.

        This first Hollow Bastion part is really just to familiarize yourself with the scenario. Traverse Town do not appear, and all of those who were previously there are now in Hollow Bastion, trying to rebuild the place. You'll meet Squall, Aerith, Cid, Yuffie and Merlin, who will give you your first magic spell. Squall will show you the castle where you fought in KH I, and the heartless army forming arround it. You'll also see a cutscene showing Pete when he finds out that Maleficent is back. Then it'll happen a battle against Nobodies, alongside Squall, and then some organization members will appear and make fun of Sora. It's a good thing to explore the city, since there are many chests, and to talk to Uncle Scrooge, who will be near the stores, in the main square. Then, the membership card you'll have received from Aerith will become the item you need to create the first path between worlds (it happens automatically). And you will be able to choose between two worlds: Beast's castle and The Land of Dragons.

Kingdom Hearts II Guide - part two - magician's tower

            The magician's tower ia a small part, just so you can learn some stuff with the magician...You can only get to this place once, on the magic train you board on Twilight Town. As soon as you get there, you'll meet Pete, a classic Disney villain, who is working for Maleficent, trying to raise a army of heartless to her. he gets really mad when sora tells him that he killed her, and goes away.

            You find out that the tower belongs to Yen Sid, the great wizard from Fantasia, and king Mickey's master! He tells you some really important things, so pay attention.
             He tells you to read a book, but it's not necessary, since it contains mostly useless information. You then learn that the white creatures you fought against are the Dusk, a kind of Nobody. Nobodies are created when a strong hearted person turns to a heartless, the empty bode becomes the Nobody. The guys in black cloaks, like Axel, are from Organization XIII, a group of the most powerful Nobodies, who controls the others. He also tells you that the worlds are separated again, so you have to re-open the ways through them.
            You'll then meet the three good fairies from Sleeping Beauty, Fauna, Flora and Merrywheater, who gives you new clothes, wich have special powers. They give you one of this powers, but the others you'll have to acquire during the trip. With the one they give you, you become capable of using two keyblades. You also get a new keyblade from Yen Sid, the Star Seeker.
             Then, you three get on the gummi ship, and Chip and Dale (I hate them they're so annoying) tells you that Twilight Town has disappeared. Meanwhile, back in the tower, Maleficent's crow appears, and the fairies start to remember her. As a result, she is reborn, from her empty cloak, just like in Sleeping Beauty. The fairies run to tell Yen Sid, and Maleficent laughs. You then go to the only world available: Hollow Bastion.

Kingdom Hearts II Guide - Part One - Twilight Town.

         I'm gonna write a little guide to KH II, not a complete walkthrough, but only somethig to help, kay?
                                               -WARNING - MAJOR SPOILERS-

               At the start of the game, you'll be playing as Roxas, a boy from Twilight Town who, for some still unknown reason, has the power to wield the keyblade. This little start is really boring, you just have to do some minor stuff like working to earn munny and a lot of running arround town with your friends, Hayner, Pence and Olette. In the second day, you appear in a place just like the start fo KH1, with the vitrals and evrything, where you have to battle a giant Nobody, instead of a giant heartless, it's really easy if you use all reaction commands.The four friends have the habit of sitting in the clock tower and eating sea-salt ice cream, somethin that who has played 358/2 days will recognize. Also, the separation in days, and the whole Roxas part are really similar tho that game. One time Roxas falls off the clock tower, and talks to kairi, who's at Destiny Islands, trying to remember about Sora, who she has forgotten, just like everyone else who knew him forgot.

Left to right: Pence, Hayner, Olette and Roxas (last picture).

              You four have only one more week of summer vacation, and are looking for something to write an homework essay about. you'll go check the "seven wonders", have to win a struggle tournament and fight only a little bit. It's all easy. the interesting parts are the dreams that Roxas have, all of them about Sora, and his memories, and the parts when Diz and a guy who calls himself Ansem seem to be planning something. Then, Naminé appears in various ocasions, and tells Roxas that he was never meant to exist, and reveals that he is a nobody, a part of Sora. Axel, another nobody which, if you played 358/2 days or chain of memories, you are already familiar with, appears, and tries to tell Roxas that he was once his best friend, in the organization, and also tries to convince him to go back with him. Before Roxas can answer, time stops, and Diz's voice tells roxas to go to the haunted mansion you already visited, in your search for the wonders. In there, you find Naminé again, who tries to tell you something, but Diz does not let her. You find out that Roxas is trapped in a unreal twilight town, created by Diz. You have to fight Axel, but you suddenly gain another keyblade (Oathkeeper and Oblivion) and an immense strenght, easily winning, and apparently regaining some memories, as you recognize Axel once more.

Axel, Diz, Roxas and Naminé.
         Then, you continue ahead and enter in a room where you find Donald and Goofy, asleep, and then, Sora. Diz appears and says that you hold part of Sora's power, and that you must join with him, so he can awake. Roxas fights against this oblivion of himself, but then accepts, and joins Sora.
               The next scene is Sora's awakening, and his reunion with Donald and Goofy. You three go out of the mansion, talk to Roxas's friends, who have forgotten about him, and find out that the king is at the station. You meet with him, and he orders you to take a train. Hayner, Pence and Olette show up to say bye, and Sora cries, probably because the Roxas part of him is sad to leave his friends. Then, they enter on the train, and go out of Twilight Town.

Sora and Roxas, and Axel.

Fantastic cosplay FFXIII

Now from FFXIII...

I only found this two, who were really good, but they're really perfect! the first is Serah and the second is Vanille... I especially liked Vanille, because it's so alike the original...
Well, that's all, if I find any more good cosplay i'll post it here for sure...
Sayonara minna-san ^^

Fantastic Cosplay FFX and FFX-2

       Okay, when I saw these I almost fell off my chair, they're so amazing!!! My absolute favourite is Auron, the cosplay is so perfect!

Up to Down: Wakka (also a perfect one), Tidus, gunner Yuna (X-2), berseker Rikku (X-2), summoner Yuna, Rikku (X-2), Lulu, the most awesome guy ever, Auron, and another summoner Yuna.

Fantastic cosplay FFVIII e FFXII

Now from Final fantasy VIII and some from XII... Hope you enjoy...

         Up to down, Rinoa Heartilly, Ultimecia, Rinoa again (from VIII), Ashe and Fran (From XII).


    The other day I was searching for cosplay ideas on the internet and found this AWESOME cosplay from Final Fantasy VII (the best one, in my opinion)...hope you like it too. =^.^=

Up to down: Aerith Gainsborough, Kadaj, Tifa Lockhart, Cloud and Sephiroth, Cloud Strife as he appears in kingdom hearts, Cloud Strife, Vincent Valentine, and Cloud again (because he's awesome).
I think I should explain the Cloud and Sephiroth one... I put it here because I really liked the idea, I laughed so much... it's McDonald's Sephiroth versus KFC's Cloud...