domingo, 22 de julho de 2012

All Final Fantasy Games - Part IV (Fabula nova Crystallis)

                Fabula Nova Crystallis is the name of a series of four FF games, They have in common just the base myth and the "vague crystal theme", according to the producers. There are four games:  Final fantasy XIII, XIII-2, Versus XIII and Type-0, originally named Agito XIII, but the name changed later on. Well, here we go ~~>

               Final Fantasy XIII
               Final Fantasy XIII-2
               Final Fantasy Versus XIII
               Final Fantasy Type-0 - I also love this version, it's one of my favourites

                I'm waiting rather anxiously for Type-0 to be relased in english, the gameplays and trailers I've seen promise a fantastic game, with fourteen playable characters and a awesome gameplay. The whole soundtrack is one of the best in all FF games, and even the logo is the most beautiful!! This game is definetely one of the best.

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