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Organization XIII - N°X - Luxord the Gambler of Fate

          Luxord is another of my favourite Nobodies, for three reasons. One, he uses cards as weapons, controlling the element of time, and I think that people who uses cards are awesome. Two, he looks really badass, with the short hair, a short beard, a lot of earrings and a sarcastic face. Three, he is one of the nicest people in the Organization. In 358/2 days he is really helpful and kind to Roxas, unlike some others.
          You find him first in Port Royal, where he is trying to get the cursed pirates to help him. After, you'll battle him in The Land That Never Was. I don't really get how the battle with him works, but you have to empty his gauge before he empties yours. he uses all kind of tricks, like turning you into a dice or a card. Just hit him whenever you can, and try to win the little games, such as guessing which card is he when he turns into one. It's not hard at all.
         Some people tend to match him with Demyx ( ? ), which I don't like, since I'm not a yaoi fan at all  so be VERY careful if looking for "Luxord fanart" in Google images... You can see some terrible pics...

        See what I mean? he has this absolutely badass face, and a superiority expression... I really love him.

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