quarta-feira, 19 de dezembro de 2012

keyblade *O*

         I GOT A KEYBLADE *O*
           Haha, I'm so happy  >< ~~ I cosplayed as Xion, for a event here in Brazil, and I bought a keyblade (a Kingdom Key), to complete my cosplay *-------*
           Here are some pics of My beeeautiful keyblade *It's so cool XD*  (My aunt got me this Mickey from Disney World *-*)

terça-feira, 18 de dezembro de 2012

Final Fantasy Character Designers

               Which character designer is your favourite? Mine is Tetsuya Nomura, aalways *--* I LOVE that guy, he has created my favourite characters *----------*

KH/FF stickers

             I don't know where can I buy it, but I'm looking into it, these're sooo awesome *u*

Kingom Hearts FanArt

                   Indeed, there are some aaaawesome FanArts out there XD

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories

                 Character art for the computer version of CoM (I first played CoM on the PC, only after that I bought the PS2 version... and it's much better XD, the PS2 has a lot more details, OBVIOUSLY)

And it moves *O* ~~ lol

Kingdom Hearts Mangá

                 Two of the things I love the most: Mangá and Final Fantasy (Xion is sooo cute in this mangá xp), and all the characters look awesome too *¬*

More FanArts

             Some more FanArts from Final Fantasy *----*

Final Fantasy III - Refia, Arc, Luneth e Ignus

White Mages *u*

Final Fantasy XII

Edge e Rydia - Final Fantasy IV

Larsa and his Hi-Potions, LOL

Random FF FanArts~~

                  Some FanArts, only... thought they were cool XD

Final Fantasy VI

Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy IX - Zidane

*It's self explanatory*

Final Fantasy X

Final Fantasy IX

Final Fantasy VIII *-*

Final Fantasy X - Yuna and Kihmari

sábado, 24 de novembro de 2012


              For those unfamiliar with the term, crossover is when you mix two different things, crossing their "universes" like a character from a game with a anime character's clothes, or appearance, or whatever ~~ aanyway, here are some of the Kingdom Hearts/Final Fantasy crossovers I found ~~>

Link *---*

The best one, I think... >< My favourite
hahahaha, laughed SO MUCH at this one, hehehe

Second Favourite *u* Black Rock Shooter Ventus *--*

domingo, 18 de novembro de 2012

Riku Cosplay

             AWESOME cosplay of Riku, as he would look like in Christmas Town <33 loved it *--*

Moogles - 2

                Some more Moogles *u* they're so cute... more recent ones now ~~>

                         Left: FF XIII-2 ~~ Right: FF XI

                                          FF XII

                                                           Left: FF X ~~ Right: FF X-2

                                                  Left: FF Theatrhythm ~~ Right: FF Dissidia 012

                                                    FF IX

                                  Left: FF Type-0 ~~ Right: FF XIV

                                  Moogle in KH: 358/2 Days (shop owner, inside The World That Never Was

                           Moogle in KH: Chain Of Memories. he sells new decks and cards in some points of the game, in exchange for moogle points.