domingo, 15 de julho de 2012

Organization XIII - N°VIII - Axel The Flurry of Dancing Flames.

        Now, on to my favourite: Axel! He's the best one in the Organization. he has the element of fire, and his weapons are two Chakrams (like two big fancy wheels). He has a sense of humour, unlike all other members, and he has the habit or repeating "Got it Memorized?" often, and the way he says it is freakin' awesome. Axel is a different case, he's a double agent, pretending to go along with Marluxia's conspiration, bu really loyal to Xemnas and Saix, loyalty he proves by killing Zexion and vexen, and giving away information.
       He is Roxas's best friend, and also Xion's, after she comes to the Organization, and in 358/2 Days, the three of them had a habit of going to the top of the clock tower after the jobs and taking Sea-Salt Ice Cream (which, by the way, I always wanted to taste). Axel gets really sad when Roxas leaves the Organization, and then tries to approach Sora, and helps him, betraying Xemnas, in the sake of Roxas inside of Sora. He dies, in the end of KH II, killing nobodies so that Sora, Donald and Goofy could escape.
       He is a true hero, in my view, because he even kills his comrades in the organization's orders, but he betrays it for his friend, and in the end, dies for him, even though he does not recognize him. he never stopped trying to get Roxas back. In the beggining of KH  II, he appears in the virtual Twilight Town, and tries to get Roxas back, and fights with him. In the second fight, Roxas gains back his power of wielding two keyblades, Oathkeeper and Oblivion. He is a hero because he never gave up on his friendship.
       His death scene is one of the saddest, only loses to Xion's death in 358/2 days. He is DEFINETELY my favourite character in all the games!

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