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Final Fantasy Type-0 Main Characters

           Machina ~> Rem's childhood friend, who was transfered into Class Zero because of his high magic proficiency. He's also the young brother of Izana, who was also in the academy. He appears in the opening, and he dies in Cid's attack. He wields a pair of screw shaped rapiers

           Rem ~> A kind girl, who was transfered alongside Machina to Class Zero. She has a enormous hidden talent to magic. She wields two daggers.

           Ace ~> the primary protagonist amongst the twelve. He's usually calm, but sometimes is impulsive. He uses a deck of cards.

           Deuce ~> A loyal and kind girl, who wields a flaute

           Trey ~> He's calm but chatty. Wields a bow and arrow.

          Cater ~> she's very competitive, and uses a gun with magically charged bullets.

          Cinque ~> She is unstable, which causes people to stay away. She uses a mace.

          Sice ~> She wields a Scythe. Enough said, she's awesome!

          Seven ~> She seems cold, but is actually kind. Uses a extending chain whip.

         Eight ~> He dislike weapons, because they take life away too easily. This is reflected in his fight style. He uses a pair of Knuckles

          Nine ~> Simplist and Impulsive. uses a Spear

         Jack ~> Funny and is always smiling. Uses a Katana (also awesome)

         Queen ~> really inteligent and quiet, she's the class president, and uses glasses, which give her a smarter look. Uses a longsword.

          King ~> another one that looks cold but is kind. His weapons have infinite bullets, so you don't have to keep buying them. But they have to be recharged every once in a while.

           To read about the other characters, the secondary ones, go to these links:

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