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What if Riku had saved Sora from being a heartless?

    What if it had been Riku, not Kairi?


Some Kingdom Hearts Characters

Wallpaper *click to enlarge*

Organization XII members...

Final Fantasy VI FanArt

             I think this FanArt is so cute and beautiful... I really love it *..*  It's FF VI's protagonist, Terra Branford (in Esper form) and another character, Edgar Figaro ** they're so cute**

Kairi, Sora and Riku

              *--* *--* *--* *--* *--*
Love them so much ^^ of all Kingdom hearts's trios of friends, they are definetely the best!

Sora, Donald and Goofy

          Since I'm posting about friend groups in KH... These three are one of these groups, so here they are... I don't like nor dislike them, it's just that there are better ones, and sometimes Donald and Goofy piss me off while I'm playing...

Axel, Roxas and Xion

              Although Axel and Xion are not THAT good friends at all times, Roxas and Axel's friendship makes up for that...

Aqua, ventus and Terra

                One of the best groups of friends **

The Man in the Black Cloak

              In the mangá, he is so cool ~~>

The most confusing thing in KH

               It took me a while to fully understand everything concerning Terranorth/Xehanort/Ansem/Riku/Riku replica/Terra/ Xemnas's relation, and I know that a lot of people are REALLY confused about it... this chart explains it pretty well ~~>
Click to enlarge it

Riku and Kairi

               I don't like the idea of Riku and Kairi being togheter, not at all... although Riku liked Kairi, I think, since he and Sora were always competing for her, seems like he accepted that she likes Sora... but I don't like them togheter, neighter... whatever, have some pics ^^

Kairi is a redhead... her hair is not brown... but it's cute...

Sora and Kairi

                Some really cute pics I found of Sora and kairi *-* I've always thought that there's something between them...but they're not my favourite choice of couple in the Kingdom Hearts games... anyway, here you go ~~>


Kawaiiii *..*

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             Two wallpapers for you, minna...
Click to enlarge them, kay **

Yuffie's face in the first one is really freakish, but the wallpaper in whole is pretty cool... and the second one is awesome.

Oyasuminasai ^^

Some KH games posters

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance

Kingdom Hearts I

Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories (top), Birth by Sleep (bottom left) and 358/2 Days (bottom right)

Kingdom Hearts II


             Axel is the coolest member in Organization XIII. He is kind of a... mercenary, I think. the guy that does the dirty work. He is a childhood friend of Saix (Isa), and so he helps him, betraying Marluxia's group, by pretending to help with their plans of taking over the Organization, but really working as a double agent, as he and Saix have their own plan for taking control. He is the one who kills Vexen and Zexion, Vexen because Marluxia ordered, and Zexion, because he had found out about Axel and Saix's plans, and he seems to feel no remorse for this. When Roxas joins the Organization, the two of them turn out to be really good friends. they make a habit out of sitting in the clock tower in Twilight Town to eat ice cream every day. When Roxas invites Xion to do the same, while Axel is in Castle Oblivion, he feels that Roxas has replaced him with Xion, and, though they become friends, their relation is a bit fragile. They even fight once, and in a mission that they go togheter, Xion runs away, and Axel doesn't even try to stop her.
           When Roxas finds out what he really is, and decides to leave the Organization, Axel tries to change his mind, saying that he will miss Roxas, their friendship, and that he was the only person who made him feel like he had a heart. But Roxas goes away anyways, and is caught by Riku. When this happens, Axel betrays the organization and Saix, trying to make Roxas remember who he is, even fighting with him on some occasions. At last, right before Roxas meets with Sora, he seems to remeber Axel .Later, after he joins with Sora, he is always trying to turn him into a heartless so that Roxas would appear again. He takes Kairi out of the Islands, but she is caught by Saix.
           In the end of KH II, Axel helps Sora, holding off a army of Nobodies, so as to protect Roxas. He dies right after (one of the saddest scenes ever), still wanting to reunite with Roxas, his best friend, but, as it
          He has a habit of saying "got it memorized?" constantly, which is a characteristic of his, and really cool. What I find best about him is that he had no scruples, he betrayed a lot of people, killed his companions, but because of his friendship with Roxas, he even sacrificed himself. He also has the immense loyalty to friendship that is characteristic to KH main characters.

Axel's death ~~>

isn't possible, he is happy to at least protect Sora.

In Twilight Town, where both he and Naminé were constantly trying to communicate with Roxas


             Kairi is Riku's and Sora's best friend. She is 14, and also lives in the islands. In KH I, she loses her hearts, which enters in Sora, and her body becomes lost. Riku finds it, and helps Maleficent because she promised she would help him get her heart back. It turns out that she was one of the seven Princesses of hearts, and being such, needed by Ansem to control Kingdom Hearts. Sora releases her heart and she awakens, along with all the other princesses, whose hearts were all inside Sora (? never understood why... but whatever). he loses his own heart, turning into a heartless, and is Kairi who recognizes him, and makes him turn back, creating a exception, because he is not reunited with Roxas. She gives Sora her Lucky charm, and he gains the keyblade Oathkeeper, when they are in Traverse Town, before the final world.
            After Ansem is defeated, she returns to the islands, as all the worlds are "fixed". She spends the whole time between this and the start of KH II there, and she forgets Sora, just like everyone else, due to him being asleep. She has a mental contact with Roxas, and, through him, with Sora, and writes Sora a letter, which she throws in the sea. She is kidnapped by Axel and ends up in Twilight Town, where she stays until she is taken by the organization, and made prisioner in the Castle that Never was. Naminé helps her escape, and reunites with her, since she is Kairi's nobody. Kairi then gains a keyblade (out of nowhere), and fights alongside Riku, after she learns who he is.
             She returns to the Island, with Donald, Goofy and the King, while Sora and Riku are trapped in the realm of darkness. Sora finds the letter that she wrote to him, and it causes the door to light to open, allowing them to return. In the ending, as she and Sora look at each other, they see Roxas and Naminé. Sora finally returns to her the Lucky Charm she lent him in KH I.
             Kairi meets with Aqua, in Birth by Sleep, in Radiant Gardens, where she used to live. She unintentionally touches Aqua's keyblade, becoming able to wield one, and Aqua has the feeling that their meeting was not just a coincidence.
             Xion, who looks a lot like Kairi, is made out of the memories of her that Naminé stole from Sora.

           Her name means "Sea" in japanese, relating her to Aqua, whose name means "Water"

Kairi and Naminé

Kairi in KH  I

Kairi with her keyblade, in the Castle That Never Was.

young Kairi, in BBS

Kairi in KH I

Kairi in KH II


               Riku is Sora's best friend. he is 15 in the first KH, and he also lives in Destiny Islands. He met Terra, in BBS, and Terra granted him the ability to wield the keyblade in the future, choosing him as his sucessor. But, Riku gave in to the darkness in KH I, and helped Maleficent, in exange for her promise that she would save Kairi. He fought with Sora, and even "stole" the keyblade in Hollow Bastion. In the end of KH I, he helped Sora, telling him that Ansem was controlling the darkness in his heart, and closed Kingdom hearts with the King, allowing Sora, Donald, Goofy and Kairi to escape.
              In CoM, he is also in Castle Oblivion, and fights his way through it. He faces Vexen, Zexion and a copy of himself, that Vexen made, a copy that is immersed in darkness, and mocks Riku for not accepting it. Naminé helps him once, in the form of Kairi, and so he accepts that he has both Light and Darkness in himself. He figths with Ansem, and defeats him, but he swears that he will return.
              After these events, he starts to help Sora in every way he can. He wears a organization cloak, and the other organization members call him the impostor. Xion is sent to kill him, but he defeats her in Beast's castle, and he is shocked to see her appearance. He is the one who convinces Xion that she should return to Sora. He is the final boss in 358/2 days, he fights with Roxas to take him to the virtual Twilight Town, in order to help Sora. During this fight, in order to win, he lets the darkness take over him, assuming the appearance of Ansem. He always wears the hood of his cloak so that no one can see how he looks like.
            He allies with Diz, and spends the whole KH II game helping Sora from afar, giving him clues and such. In the end, he meets with Sora and Kairi, and reveals who he really is. Sora gets really happy to finally find him. The explosion of the machine the real Ansem was using to destroy Kingdom Hearts causes Riku to return to his usual appearance. The final battle in KH II is fought by Riku and Sora, and they destroy Xemnas, going to the realm of Darkness. Riku almost gives up, but Sora takes him back through the door of light that opens, and they reunite with everyone in Destiny Islands again.
            Riku is also very loyal to his friends. Inspite of the fact that he turned against Sora in the first game, he tries to atone for that by dedicating all of himself to helping Sora during 358/2 Days and KH II.

            His name means "Land" in japanese, once more relating him to Terra, whose name also means "land"

Riku in Kingdom Hearts 3D... Sooo looking forward to this game *-*

Riku in KH mangá.

*nose bleed when I saw this image*


                Sora is the main character in the Kingdom Hearts series. He is a 14 year old boy who lives in Destiny Islands. In Birth by Sleep, he's four, in KH II, fifteen. He spent his whole life in the islands, with Riku and Kairi. Ventus's heart is inside him, and because of this, he is able to wield the keyblade. The first picture is his original design, where he was supposed to be a mix between a boy and a lion, and used a kind of chainsaw as weapon. He is, above everything else, loyal to his friends, and would do anything to save Riku and Kairi, Donald, Goofy and everyone else he meets, as well as his home. He had a nobody, Roxas, turned into a heartless for a short period of time in Hollow Bastion, in the end of KH I. In KH:CoM, his memories of Kairi were stolen from him and created Xion.
               He spent a year sleeping, between CoM and KH II, while Naminé returned his memories to normal, after his experience in castle Oblivion, and during this time, he was reunited with Xion and Roxas. After he awakened, he set off on another journey, looking for Riku and helping return the worlds to normal. Sora, in CoM and KH II, kills almost every member of Organization XIII, all of them except Lexaeus, Vexen, Axel, Zexion, and Roxas and Xion, obviously u.u.
              Nothing was ever said, but looks like he has some feelings towards Kairi, as he is always thinking about her, especially when other characters are couples, like in the Land of Dragons, with Mulan and Chang...

His name means "Sky" in japanese, relating him to Ventus again, whose name means "wind"

His original design... I prefer the game one, this is kinda weird... but it's cool anyways

Cool FanArt

Sora In a doujinshi, "walking togheter"

Sora as he appears in the KH mangá.