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Kingdom Hearts

   Ohayoo minna~~
              So, for those who doesn't know, Kingdom Hearts is the name of a series of games developed by Square Enix, and it has eight games: Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts II, Chain of Memories, Re:Chain of Memories (Reverse Rebirth), Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, 358/2 Days, Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded, Birth By Sleep, and two more are going to be released: Kingdom hearts 3D and Kingdom Hearts 3.
             The games were developed alongside Disney, so most of Disney characters appear in the games, the worlds that the player visits are all from disney, and so are the characters.
             It tells the story of Sora, a kid from a place called Destiny Islands, who gains a inesperate power, the ability to wield a keyblade, and so he has to travel to all worlds to end the threat that has risen: The Heartless, creatures born out of the darkness in people's hearts.

This is Sora, the main character

These are most of the keyblades. Sora's original one is the last one on the right of the third line, but he can change to almost all of those during the game.
           Sora lives in the islands with two friends, Riku and kairi, and when darkness takes the island, Kairi gets taken away, and Riku turns to the dark side *Star Wars moment, u.u* and so, Sora goes after them. he also becomes friends with Donald and Goofy, who help him on his journey to save the worlds and his friends.

Kairi, Riku and Sora, in their home, Destiny Islands.

           Sora, donald and Goofy.


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