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Kingdom Hearts II Guide - Part Four - Beast's castle I

            The first part at Beast's castle is really simple, the second one is the tricky one. Once you arrive, you'll have to fight some heartless, really easy, and the beast will appear, not seeming to remember you at all. Then, you go talk to Belle, and find out that Beast's been acting weird, and has locked up his servants at the dungeon, and she asks you to release them. You go to the other wing of the castle, and enter in the dungeons, behind the door guarded by the living wardrobe. You'll have to fight a mini-boss, Thresholder, two heartless in the door, but it's easy, just stay out of the range of his punches, kill the heartless he summons, and then hit him, using reaction commands when possible, to petrify him. If you do, he'll twice produce a little purple ball, wich you have to kill to continue. Then, you'll set free the servants, Horloge, Lumiere, madam Samovar and her son, the tea-cup (the same servants from the movie). To get out, you'll use a secret passageway, and will have to solve a little puzzle, to light all the lanterns. they make it sound difficult, but it's not. Then, you'll go to beast's room, and fight him so that he comes back to his senses, using the reaction commands to make Horloge talk to him.

             Once you've beaten him, you'll go back to talk to Belle, but will find out that she has disappeared, going after "a man in a black cloak", the same one you'll have seen talking to Beast back in his room. who apparently wants to turn him into a heartless, so that the organization will have control over his Nobody. You'll have to go to the ballroom, the big green door across the main entrance, and fight the boss.
             Before that, though, you should take advantage of the monsters in there, and level up to, at minmum, level 15. After, just go inside the ballroom, where you'll find the organization member, Xaldin, but he will left, and you'll have to fight the monster he summons.

             This boss is divided in two: the shadow Stalker and the Dark Thorn. To fight the first, the Shadow Stalker, just hit the column and the chandelier when he melts into the, and the use the reaction command "release" to get him out in the open, and hit him. When he melts into the window, run to the place beyond the columns, because he's gonna throw some purple rays which take a lot of life. As for the Dark Thorn, just keep hitting him, even when he is invisible, and try to use the RC to use the chandelier to make hom visible again. But he does have some powerful attaks, so watch out.
             After that, just watch the cutscene, when Belle and Beast make up, and then you can go. A new world has appeared, but go first to The Land of Dragons.
            You should also go out to the courtyard, through the front door, and open the chests there. There are also heartless, (gargoyles and bats).
             Bosses (up to down): The Thresholder, The Dark Thorn, The Shadow Stalker.


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