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Kingdom Hearts II guide - Part Three - Hollow Bastion.

        This first Hollow Bastion part is really just to familiarize yourself with the scenario. Traverse Town do not appear, and all of those who were previously there are now in Hollow Bastion, trying to rebuild the place. You'll meet Squall, Aerith, Cid, Yuffie and Merlin, who will give you your first magic spell. Squall will show you the castle where you fought in KH I, and the heartless army forming arround it. You'll also see a cutscene showing Pete when he finds out that Maleficent is back. Then it'll happen a battle against Nobodies, alongside Squall, and then some organization members will appear and make fun of Sora. It's a good thing to explore the city, since there are many chests, and to talk to Uncle Scrooge, who will be near the stores, in the main square. Then, the membership card you'll have received from Aerith will become the item you need to create the first path between worlds (it happens automatically). And you will be able to choose between two worlds: Beast's castle and The Land of Dragons.

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