terça-feira, 21 de agosto de 2012

Kingdom Hearts + Vocaloid...?

            I came across this pics the other day... I don't really get why people did this, but it ended up really cool actually... As I love both Vocaloid and KH, I'm posting them here ~~>

Hahaha, poor Riku, he ended up as Hatsune Miku... and Roxas as Rin kagamine, hahahahahahah

this is a bit small, but I couldn't fing a bigger one... Larxene and marluxia as Rin and Len Kagamine...


Haha, Roxas's face...

U.U Squall is Luka Megurine...?? What the hell?? that really confused me now, but whatever... It wasn't me who drew it anyway...

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