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             Axel is the coolest member in Organization XIII. He is kind of a... mercenary, I think. the guy that does the dirty work. He is a childhood friend of Saix (Isa), and so he helps him, betraying Marluxia's group, by pretending to help with their plans of taking over the Organization, but really working as a double agent, as he and Saix have their own plan for taking control. He is the one who kills Vexen and Zexion, Vexen because Marluxia ordered, and Zexion, because he had found out about Axel and Saix's plans, and he seems to feel no remorse for this. When Roxas joins the Organization, the two of them turn out to be really good friends. they make a habit out of sitting in the clock tower in Twilight Town to eat ice cream every day. When Roxas invites Xion to do the same, while Axel is in Castle Oblivion, he feels that Roxas has replaced him with Xion, and, though they become friends, their relation is a bit fragile. They even fight once, and in a mission that they go togheter, Xion runs away, and Axel doesn't even try to stop her.
           When Roxas finds out what he really is, and decides to leave the Organization, Axel tries to change his mind, saying that he will miss Roxas, their friendship, and that he was the only person who made him feel like he had a heart. But Roxas goes away anyways, and is caught by Riku. When this happens, Axel betrays the organization and Saix, trying to make Roxas remember who he is, even fighting with him on some occasions. At last, right before Roxas meets with Sora, he seems to remeber Axel .Later, after he joins with Sora, he is always trying to turn him into a heartless so that Roxas would appear again. He takes Kairi out of the Islands, but she is caught by Saix.
           In the end of KH II, Axel helps Sora, holding off a army of Nobodies, so as to protect Roxas. He dies right after (one of the saddest scenes ever), still wanting to reunite with Roxas, his best friend, but, as it
          He has a habit of saying "got it memorized?" constantly, which is a characteristic of his, and really cool. What I find best about him is that he had no scruples, he betrayed a lot of people, killed his companions, but because of his friendship with Roxas, he even sacrificed himself. He also has the immense loyalty to friendship that is characteristic to KH main characters.

Axel's death ~~>

isn't possible, he is happy to at least protect Sora.

In Twilight Town, where both he and Naminé were constantly trying to communicate with Roxas

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