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Kingdom Hearts 1.5 *OO*

                \o Yo minna... Sorry I haven't posted anything in like, a month, but I was really busy, and I did not have any free time, sadly *studying sucks*...
                 Anyway, while I was derping on youtube the other day I found a release trailer of Kingdom Hearts 1.5. *--* It's a collection of remakes, including KH final mix, KH re: CoM, and KH 358/2 Days *-*, and I'm REALLY dying to play it, I mean... it looks SO awesome on the trailer *----------* They've remade into HD all of KH I, and 358/2 Days now have some really decent graphics (because the graphics of the original sucked big-time), and the expressions... Oh Gods, the expresions are so perfect... the only bad thing is that it's going to be released only for PS3, and I don't have it, and neighter does my friend who I usually share videogames with TT^TT , so I'll have to find a way to play it, somehow...
                The KH final mix apparently have some new scenes, which clarify a bit some of the most confusing points of the game, and there's talk about a different gameplay, though I don't know if it's true... And as for Re: CoM, there will be some new scenes, definetely, and probably some slight changes on the gameplay too... i'ts going to be so awesome, I can barely wait for it to be released *3*

here are the first subtitled trailer (audio in Japanese)

and the announcement of the release:

                As soon as the new trailer is released, or there is any extra information on Square Enix's site, I'll be posting it here *..*

Oyassumi minna \o

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